At the Bashamichi Station (Exit 6), just a minute's walk away, I offer chiropractic treatment with qualifications from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Victoria, Australia.

My aim is to address pains that persist regardless of where you go, focusing on improving your health.

From chronic conditions that have been troubling you for years to sudden pains, numbness, or individuals seeking maintenance to sustain their well-being, I am dedicated to sincerely addressing a wide range of symptoms.

Open Yokohama

Spine first opened its doors in 2022 in Yokohama by Chiropractor Yasumi, whose 18 years of professional experience had treated people with their long-suffering pain and discomfort in body conditions that other medical aids could not alleviate.
The clinic named Spine with Joint motion means chiropractic treatment that focuses on the joint movement of the spine and elsewhere. ...
At Spine, we focus on the range of joint motion specifically the spine and elsewhere, based on the treatment concept and the name of the clinic, joint motion.
The principle of chiropractic science is that many conditions that are treatable by chiropractic care, such as chronic stiff shoulders, back pain, slipped backs, sleeping disorders, frozen shoulders, and disc symptoms with numbness, are closely related to mechanical factors related to the range of motion and positioning of the joints in the body.
The clinic aspires to make people lead happy and healthy lives through comprehensive Chiropractic care by providing specialised quality care that allows your body to work at its best. If you seek relief from months or years of persistent pain, Spine will do its best to support you so that you can lead a physically and mentally healthy life without any physical discomfort.

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Chief Chiropractor
Motohiro Yasumi
Chief Chiropractor

For over 18 years, Chiropractor Yasumi B.C. Sc has been seeing chiropractic indications (see indications) and has helped many people suffering from symptoms that have not improved elsewhere.
Born in Yokosuka, Japan in 1977, raised in Singapore from infancy to the age of six, moved to Australia in 1990, where he studied at St. Michael's Grammar School in Victoria and enrolled at RMIT University honing on the skills as a Chiropractor. After returning to Japan, he studied chiropractic for five years at the School of Human Sciences, RMIT University in Japan where he obtained his bachelor of chiropractic science and applied science. ...
18 years of clinical experience
Worked at 3 Japan Association of Chiropractors (JAC) accredited clinics.
Also served as Director/Assistant Director at each clinic.

Bachelor of Chiropractic Science(B.C.Sc)
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sc)
FaST (Myofascial Release Technique) M1 Completed
Completed KINESIO TAPING (CKTP Therapist)

I have been working as a chiropractor for 18 years with the sole purpose of "removing pain associated with musculoskeletal nerves..." and to assist my patients "to lead an active daily life..." I have spent 18 years of my career focusing on these crucial points.
"I'm used to it because I've had this symptom for a long time." "I've been fooling myself with painkillers." "I play sports but must take time off because of the pain..." These are some of the voices I hear often.
"I thought I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life, but... it's like magic!" When I hear these words, I am always encouraged by my patients and feel that I made the right choice in my life to become a chiropractor.
We treat various conditions such as back pain syndrome, neck pain, arthritis, jaw pain, numbness and dysesthesia, chronic fatigue, physical changes after pregnancy and childbirth, and postural improvement not caused by pain.

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Chiropractic Symptoms
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What’s Chiropractic
What’s Chiropractic
Industry/General definitions

【Industry Definition】
It is a profession that diagnoses, treats, and prevents disorders of the musculoskeletal system and their impact on overall health, characterized by manual therapy including joint adjustments or spinal manipulation (adjustments), with a particular focus on subluxations (factors that interfere with the function of the nervous system and cause physiological changes).
(Definition of WHO in 2005) ... 【General Definition】
Chiropractic is a health care practice characterized by manual therapy that focuses on the structure (especially the spine) and function of the body.
Treatment methods vary, and are primarily aimed at adjusting the spine and other body parts to reduce pain, improve joint range of motion and function, and enhance the body's natural healing abilities.
In simple terms, it is health care that restores nerve function by manually adjusting skeletal distortions, especially functional abnormalities of the spine.
In other words, the human body is mainly controlled by the nervous system connected to the brain, and when the function of the nervous system improves, people naturally become healthier as their symptoms improve. (Definition of JAC)

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About Chiropractic
About Chiropractic

Chiropractic has earned recognition for its remarkable effectiveness by using natural, non-surgical and drugless treatment methods.
Today only under 1,000 chiropractors hold active international chiropractic licenses in Japan, but the ranks of chiropractors are multiplying rapidly in many countries throughout the world. ...
Chiropractor Yasumi has five years of formal training and education in addition to 18 years of clinical practice as we follow the international standard of chiropractic education and has the confidence to treat his patients by hand, in a holistic manner, without the use of invasive medication that can have adverse long term effects.

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Concept of our Clinic
with joint motion

Curing, not easing/restoring supple bodily functions.
Based on the treatment concept of joint motion, we focus on spinal function and joint range of motion.
Chiropractic science believes that many conditions for which chiropractic treatment can be applied, such as chronic stiff shoulders, lower back pain, cramps, sleeping disorders, frozen shoulders, and disc symptoms with numbness, are closely related to the range of motion and positional relationships of the body's joints. ...
All ligaments and muscle tendons are attached across joints, and nerves are distributed throughout the body from the cerebrum through the spinal column.
Therefore, all chiropractic indications result from loss of normal function due to joint dysfunctions such as joint mobility and positional shifts.
The main goal of chiropractic care is not only to relieve pain but also to normalise homeostasis by improving the position and range of motion of soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments and their attachments at the joints and by normalising the accompanying blood flow and nervous system functions including the autonomic nervous system via the spinal column.

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What is a

"Subluxation" is a term used by chiropractors to describe a spinal vertebra that is out of position in comparison to the other vertebrae, and it's possibly resulting in functional loss and determining where the chiropractor should manipulate the spine.
A subluxation, also known as a vertebral subluxation complex, is a disorder of the spine where the alignment and physiological functions of the spine are altered, moving them from their normal position and placing excessive pressure on the spinal nerves.
A subluxation is considered a " partial dislocation instead of the joint surface completely losing contact, and a subluxation is considered a "partial dislocation. ...
"Subluxation" may cause various disorders, potentially physical.
A subluxation is the most important reason to check your intervertebral joint motion and your musculoskeletal system in the chiropractic world.
Treatment decisions are based on finding and correcting subluxations that promote health and improve various symptoms.
● Pain and tenderness
● Asymmetry of posture, movement, or alignment
● Range of motion abnormalities
● Tone, texture and/or temperature abnormalities of adjacent soft tissues
● Neurological dysfunction/muscles weakness and/or neuralgia

A Chiropractor may detect subluxations through standard physical examination procedures, specific chiropractic assessments or special tests.

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Chiropractic Treatment Fees
Fee Treatment

Clinic days & Clinic closure date

Open Day Mon・Tue・1st /3rd week of Wed・Thu・Fri・Sun
Closed Day 2nd/4th week of Wed・Every Sat
Business Hour 11:00〜21:00

Flat Fee

First consultation Fee Free
Treatment Fee 7,000 yen (Include Tax)
Under 18 4,000 yen (Include Tax)
Those who are pregnant 5,500 yen (Include Tax)
Over 70 years old 6,000 yen (Include Tax)

※ No charge for initial consultation fee"

Discount Ticket

No hassle with payments.
3 Time’s TicketTo alleviate pain and monitor the progress of treatment, it is recommended.


20,000yen(6,666yen per time)

Maternity Chiropractic Treatment

15,000yen(5,000yen per time)


11,000yen(3,666yen per time)

70 years old

17,000yen(5,666yen per time)

To monitor the progress of pain and treatment effects, it's recommended.

5 Time’s TicketIt is recommended for those seeking sustained treatment effects or regular maintenance.


32,500yen(6,500yen per time=500off)

Maternity Chiropractic Treatment

25,000yen(5,000yen per time=500off)


18,000yen(3,600yen per time=400off)

70 years old

28,000yen(5,600yen per time=400off)

it is recommended to alleviate pain and monitor the progress of treatment.

10 Time’s TicketRecommended for those who wish to undergo regular maintenance.


65,000yen(6,500yen per time=500off)

Maternity Chiropractic Treatment

50,000yen(5,000yen per time=500off)


35,000yen(3,500yen per time=500off)

It is recommended for maintenance as a preventive measure for activities such as club activities conducted throughout the year.

70 years old

55,000yen(5,500yen per time=500off)

For those seeking treatment effects (as symptoms might take longer to show improvement in older individuals) or wishing to have regular maintenance, it's recommended.

We offer discounted prepaid tickets tailored to the respective rates for pregnant individuals, those under 18 years old, and seniors.


■ Cash

■ Credit cards are available

VISA/Master/American Express/JCB

Treatment Time

Initial consultation:50 min(include an interview)

revisit:30〜40min(Depends on the symptoms.)


The appointment is required for all consultation and treatment.
Would you please make an appointment by Web Reservation or Phone or E-mail
※ Please make a reservation through Web Reservation to make your reservation smoothly.

Web Reservation

Access to the Clinic
Clinic Access

4-39 Mihashi BLD 4th F Motohamacho Naka ward Yokohama

1 minute walk from Exit 6 (Red Brick Exit) of Bashamichi Station.
7 minute walk from the north exit of JR Kannai Station.
5 minute walk from Exits 8 and 9 of the Blue Line Kannai Station.

Prevention of Infectious Control
Infection Control

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