Like hip pain, knee pain is a common complaint among all age groups. While the most common causes of knee pain in the elderly are deterioration of the meniscus, muscle weakness, and hardening of the ligaments due to aging, young people can also suffer from knee pain, mainly due to sports injuries.

The knee is structurally vulnerable to torsional movement, and the sudden load applied during sports can damage the joints and meniscus or cause ligament damage.

In general, it is common for the knee to be subjected to loads from everyday activities (standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, carrying a baby while raising a child, etc.).

The knee joint is the starting point for bending and extending the body due to the structure.

At Spine chiropractic, we examine how pain is triggered during movement and determine the cause. Spine chiropractic examines how the pain is triggered during exercise and identifies the cause.

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