The joint structure of the wrist is complex. Eight bones come together to make up the wrist, and the musculature protecting the wrist is tendon tissue from the forearm to the hand.

Although the wrist is frequently used daily, it is prone to tendinitis. Symptoms such as maternal tendonitis, de Quervain’s disease, or carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes nerve compression at the carpal root with numbness in the hand, are common. Pain is also often caused by overuse of the thumb muscle, which is the largest muscle of the hand.

The incidence of this condition increases in today’s society, where people are often engaged in computer work and child-rearing, where people usually carry their children in their arms.

At Chiropractic office Spine, I examine the position of the carpal bones and surrounding tissues such as ligaments and tendons, taking into consideration the anatomical structures, and perform the treatment to minimise irritation to the affected tissues. As a result, the factors that cause ligament and tendon tissue inflammation are eliminated and the patient is allowed to heal.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, please give us a try at the Spine Chiropractic!