The ankle joint is the part of the body that takes the most weight during standing posture, walking, and exercise, and is therefore affected by how we stand, walk, and exercise. It is also directly affected by the footwear worn in daily life. What kind of footwear do you usually wear? What is the degree of decrease in that footwear? Is there a left-right difference in the degree of wear? Such factors greatly influence the influence of what you wear as the following. Women tend to have a higher incidence of bunions and plantar tendonitis than men when they prefer to wear heels, pumps, and other design-oriented footwear.

In addition, although the incidence is less common, it may also occur as a sports injury during club activities after junior and senior high school. Restricted ankle joint motion may occur after sports trauma, such as after a sprain.

Ankle and plantar problems can be caused by various contributing factors, such as mechanical involvement from the ankle joint, plantar arch, hip and knee joints, and daily lifestyle influences such as footwear.

Chiropractic Spine will comprehensively evaluate the foot and foot joints to determine how the foot is being loaded and will also consider the plantar arch and ankle joints and the overall balance and focus on the treatment of related tissues such as the pelvis and hip joints too. 

If you suffer from foot symptoms, please try our chiropractic care at Chiropractic Spine.