Chronic lower back pain and stiff shoulders are defined as a condition in which the patient continuously complains of symptoms for at least three months after beginning to feel them.

Most chronic symptoms are caused by muscle tension or myofascial pain due to poor posture or continuous same posture.

The global pandemic of the coronavirus, which was confirmed in Japan in 2020, has brought about many changes in our lifestyles.

One of these is a change in the way we work. Teleworking, a style of work that reduces physical activity, is a major factor in the accumulation of physical strain.

Chronic stiff shoulders and lower back pain also always have a cause of tension. The concept of chiropractic care is not to relax muscle tension, but to prevent muscle tension from occurring…” Chiropractic care focuses on the skeletal structure to fundamentally improve posture and prevent chronic symptoms from occurring.

If you have been suffering from back pain, stiff shoulders, and associated headaches for many years, please give our clinic, Spine Chiropractic a try.