Elbow pain is mainly a symptom that tends to occur in people who play sports such as tennis and golf. Elbow pain is not muscle pain but primarily pain at the attachment of ligaments and tendons.

The condition is often referred to as lateral/medial epicondylitis, and as the name implies, inflammation occurs in the ligamentous area and tendon. The inflammatory phase may pass into a chronic phase, or the inflammation may heal and soft tissue contractures may occur, resulting in limited joint motion.

Elbow symptoms can develop during sports and from prolonged computer typing or frequent carrying during childcare.

At Spine Chiropractic, we can help with these symptoms by improving the range of motion and positioning of the elbow joint, thereby decreasing the stress on the surrounding adherent tissues and improving symptoms. We also approach the related muscle groups of the forearm at the same time to reduce the burden on the elbow joint attachment area.

If you are suffering from elbow symptoms, please give Spine Chiropractic a try.