Unlike chronic diseases, shoulder joint pain is more acute, and the pain is more intense when the shoulder is moved to a specific position, or when the shoulder cannot be moved beyond the range of motion that causes pain due to restricted motion.

The shoulder joint is a spherical joint with the widest range of motion in the human body. Because of its wide range of motion, this joint lacks fixation, and is supported mainly by ligaments and muscle tendons. Because of this wide range of motion, the joint is prone to ligamentous injuries and associated inflammation. There are also symptoms such as impingement syndrome, in which the joint’s range of motion moves in a certain direction, causing the tendon to pinch, which in turn triggers pain, or symptoms such as frozen shoulder, in which the range of motion itself is greatly limited due to tendon inflammation and muscle contracture.

At Spine Chiropractic, we can also provide treatment if we determine that the affected area is in the inflammatory phase at the time of your visit. We have the equipment to reduce inflammation. After the inflammatory phase has passed, the patient will go through a contraction phase and then a thawing phase, but most patients come to the Spine when the contraction phase continues for a long time or when there is a limitation of movement, such as inability to raise the shoulder.

If you suffer from long-term shoulder pain or find hard moving your shoulder, please try treatment at Spine Chiropractic. I will surely improve your condition.