The hip joint is a common site of pain in all age groups. It is often caused by daily life and sports, but the incidence tends to be slightly higher in women because it is affected by pregnancy and childbirth. The shape of the pelvis differs according to gender, with women’s pelvis being wider than men’s (individual differences exist), which can lead to a tendency for the hip joint to rotate outward) especially during pregnancy.

In addition to hip pain, symptoms may also spread to buttock pain and numbness in the legs.

Hip joints pain is also prone to athletes, and there is a condition known as groin pain syndrome, which occurs during the kicking motion in soccer and martial arts, and is accompanied by pain in the hip joint from the twisting motion of the leg and the impact of competing for the ball.

Symptoms that originate in the hip joint can vary widely, including how the hip joint is used in daily living.

At Spine Chiropractic, will discover the causes of hip pain and associated buttock and groin pain, and where the problem originates from. It may be caused by a ligament or tendon? Is the issue of cartilage origin, the hip labrum? It may originate from excessive tension in the attachment muscles? Is it a problem with overall center of gravity balance, including the pelvis? We will differentiate the problem in detail and approach the patient. If you have tried hospitals and other treatments with no improvement, please give my office Spine a try.