During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes. Many symptoms are related for which chiropractic care can be indicated. Lower back and hip pain associated with changes in the pelvic area are major symptoms, and some may complain of generalised leg malaise or groin pain. Wrist pain, which does not seem to be causally related, is also more likely to occur.

Pregnancy and childbirth are often very taxing on a woman’s body, and she needs to take good care of herself during pregnancy and postpartum. The postpartum period is an entirely different lifestyle from that of the past. For example, there may be various external and internal stresses, such as generalised symptoms caused by autonomic nervous system disorders due to childcare stress caused by changes in sleeping hours due to breastfeeding, and muscle tension and strain on the spine caused by physical stress from carrying the baby.

We believe that reducing the stress caused by childcare is the key to the child’s healthy growth, so if you have any physical problems during pregnancy or postpartum, please try treatment at Chiropractic Spine.