This week, there has been a temperature difference of over 10 degrees Celsius between highs and lows. Such abrupt changes in temperature can adversely affect one’s health. An article on Yahoo News mentioned an increase in the incidence of accute lower back pain, which aligns with the current situation. Not only lower back injuries but also disruptions in the autonomic nervous system are common, leading to loss of appetite, irritability, constipation, or diarrhea. Moreover, such weather conditions, as seen this week, can also trigger headaches. Therefore, it is essential to be particularly cautious during such weather fluctuations.

You may think, “I know this already,” but it’s crucial not to let yourself get cold! By “not getting cold,” I mean the core of your body. Even if you use heating or wear thick clothing, it won’t be effective if your body’s core remains cold.

When I say “don’t get cold,” I refer to the blood, which represents the core of your body. Even if you raise the surface temperature of your body, the internal environment—such as blood circulation, lymphatic/hormonal circulation, and other circulatory functions—may still be sluggish.

In my field of expertise, chiropractic care, the state of the musculoskeletal system greatly depends on good blood circulation, which means warm blood flow.

Particularly for women, who have organs like the uterus that men don’t possess, having cold extremities is a significant threat to health. As preventive measures, try soaking in a bathtub at around 41 degrees Celsius for at least 20 minutes or drinking warm water(It’s called SAYU in Japanese) during the day. Also, consider applying warmers (preferably electronic warmers) to the lower abdomen.

It’s not just about feeling uncomfortable due to the cold; the temperature fluctuations can affect not only physical stiffness but also the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Since the low temperatures are expected to continue into next week, be mindful not only of lower back pain or shoulder stiffness but also of regulating your autonomic nervous system.

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