I finally managed to install the signboard in front of the clinic. It’s been almost two months since we opened our chiropractic/physical therapy clinic here in the Bashamichi area. I am grateful to have received nearly 100 patients already, and my heart is full of gratitude.

I will continue to approach my clinical work with a sense of responsibility, always mindful of the trust placed in me by each patient. Furthermore, I’ve written this blog with the aspiration of becoming a chiropractic/physical therapy clinic that is recognized by more people in the surrounding area, including those who use the Tokyu Toyoko Line at Bashamichi, Minato Mirai, Nihon Odori, as well as those who frequent the JR lines at Kannai Station and the Sakuragicho area. I’ve expressed the idea of making this profession a “lifetime commitment” in my clinic’s concept, and I will uphold this sentiment in my daily clinical practice.

I am committed to living up to this concept and delivering the best care possible to my patients every day.