Let me introduce you to the inside of Spine Clinic. The reason for opening the clinic here in Bashamichi is not only due to its convenient location but also because of the ambiance inside the clinic.

The interior is designed to my liking. I have designed it to ensure that patients feel comfortable during their stay, including an inviting entrance, firm yet cushioned chairs for those with lower back pain, a water dispenser that fits the clinic’s design, and a clean and user-friendly reception counter and restroom. I wanted all patients, including myself, to feel comfortable during their time at the clinic.

Finding the right location for the clinic was partly a matter of luck. It took some time for me to find a location that I was satisfied with, but this clinic’s location turned out to be perfect. It’s not only close to Bashamichi but also near Minato Mirai Line’s Nihon Odori and Minato Mirai stations, and within a 10-minute walk of JR Negishi Line’s Kannai and Sakuragicho stations!

The chair is comfortable to sit in.
The restroom is spacious and clean.
Please place your belongings on the black counter.

Moreover, the decisive factor in choosing this location was the open windows in the clinic and the view of the historic brick building of Yokohama’s Second Joint Government Office, which adds to the atmosphere.

Many patients come to the clinic with physical discomfort and the accompanying mental stress. For such individuals, a bright and airy environment can significantly enhance the effects of treatment. I am grateful to have found such a place. Patients who have visited have praised not only the clinic’s accessibility and its proximity to places for leisure activities (such as a 7-minute walk to the Red Brick Warehouse) but also the clinic’s atmosphere and ease of access for strollers (the entrance corridor is 1.7 meters wide).

Moving forward, I will continue to ensure cleanliness in the clinic to provide a comfortable environment for chiropractic treatment. If you are suffering from chronic shoulder or back pain, sports injuries, slipped discs, or stiff necks, please don’t hesitate to visit us. I look forward to welcoming you.