At Spine Chiropractic, I aim to contribute to the local community by providing chiropractic clinics in areas such as Bashamichi and Nihon-Odori, as well as Kannai and Sakuragicho.

The sentiment behind the clinic name Spine: with Joint Motion.

The clinic I named ‘Spine’ focuses on improving various joint functions centered around the spine. I address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues, including not only shoulder stiffness and chronic symptoms but also sports injuries such as tennis elbow and runner’s knee. Additionally, I address abnormalities around the pelvis during pregnancy and postpartum (in rare cases, wrist pain may be associated), various symptoms during childcare, headaches originating from the neck, and bruxism syndrome.

We strive to provide sincere treatment from a chiropractic perspective to meet the diverse needs of everyone, whether experiencing physical discomfort or seeking to maintain overall health!